Why Fashion Should Be Important to You

Fashion has made a mark on every one of our lives. However, you may have wondered, why should I care about fashion? Is it not just about outer beauty anyway? Why should I worry myself with others' opinions? Dresscode understands the importance of fashion and wants to inform all of you as well. Here is... Continue Reading →

#IamEqual is Back!

For a second year in a row Dresscode is happy to be partnering  with Wonder Women Tech and sharing the message of  “I am Equal” with a very special coding bracelet.  We believe that it is important to share with the world that we are all equal and this must have accessory does just that! $5.00 from... Continue Reading →

What is FashionTech?

Lets start first with what it is not… It is not Retailtech. When you think retailtech think eCommerce, RFIDs, beacons, data analytic platforms or what Amazon is doing with the cashless stores as examples. Retailtech is anything that helps to facilitate a retail transaction where money is exchanged for goods and services. It is important... Continue Reading →

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