What Each Tech City is Known For – Careers: Boston

Welcome back to part three of a three-part series on what the most prominent tech cities in the United States are known for. This week, we are going to be looking at Boston with a focus on technology-related careers. If you missed part one or two, be sure to check out our articles on San Francisco and Chicago.

Like Chicago, Boston is not always a top pick when you think of tech cities, like San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago, but Boston is on the rise in the technology space. Boston is the third likeliest city nationally to become the “leading technology innovation hub outside of Silicon Valley over the next four years” (Curbed Boston). Much of this can be accredited to the large concentration of prestigious universities, such as MIT, Harvard, Tufts University, which are highly ranked in majors such as engineering and computer science, often leading to tech-related careers.

Above image from MIT.

According to Niche, MIT is ranked #1 in engineering and computer science in Massachusetts, and Harvard and Tufts are ranked in the top five in both majors. Research is also prominent in these universities, especially at MIT. “Through MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), more than 85% of undergraduate enrich their education through engaging in frontline, faculty-led research” (MIT). Because of this, Boston has no shortage of innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial minds at their disposal.

Above image from Harvard.

Many graduates pursue technology-related careers after graduation, especially in industries such as pharmaceutical, medtech and biotech. In fact, these are the most popular tech industries in the state and have resulted in over 500 companies in Boston’s relatively small area. A few examples of prominent companies include, BiogenVertex Pharmaceuticals, and Sanofi Genzyme

Biogen employs some of the best neuroscientists, engineers, and tech developers in order to perform scientific research on neurological diseases. It was also named one of the first biotechnology companies in the world. “Our technology and engineering capabilities create novel ways to seamlessly transition products from development to manufacturing with the intent of bringing our high-quality medicines to market faster.”

Above image from Biogen.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company that is working to find cures for life-threatening diseases. They have also helped schools in their community grow their STEM programs to educate young people about science, technology, engineering, and math.

Finally, Sanofi Genzyme works on the treatment of rare diseases, oncology and immunology; they also have a significant focus on their employees. “We offer employees the resources of a large, global organization, with clear career paths and the support and inspiration to drive their professional development” (Sanofi).

Above image from Motley Fool.

Other tech industries are on the rise in Boston as well including travel (TripAdvisor and Kayak), e-commerce (Shoebuy.com and RueLaLa), and software development (Dell Technologies and Akamai Technologies). 

The presence of women in tech has grown consistently over the years in Boston also; there has been a 21.4 percent growth state-wide from 2009-2013. “Women make up 10 percent of Mass-based tech company board seats. While this is only a start, there are efforts to grow this number” (TNW). Dresscode is excited to see this number grow and what the future of women in tech in Boston will bring. 

To conclude, Boston has a large array of opportunities to start a career in the tech industry – whether that be in biotechnology, e-commerce, or pharmaceuticals. Thank you to everyone who made this series possible. To find out more about Dresscode and our mission, visit Dresscode Tech.

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