FashionTech and RetailTech Companies to Watch

Above image from PhD Media Switzerland.

FashionTech and RetailTech has exploded as more people apply technological advancements to everyday products and services, such as clothes, jewelry, and the retail shopping experience. With the combination of tech knowledge and creativity, companies are launching products and services that make life better and easier for the customer. At any given time in the US there are over 13,000 FashionTech jobs listed on sites like LinkedIn or InDeed. It is impossible to hear about every new fashion or retail tech company, but here are a few that might spike your interest.

  • EyeFitU (Switzerland): EyeFitU is an online platform that has the ability to match its customers to their sizes, every time. Customers can go to the website, put in their sizes, and search across all of their favorite brands. This platform removes the hassle of visiting dozens of websites when shopping and removes the stress of not knowing if items are available in their size.
  • Perfitly: Perfitly is an online platform that uses a 3-D visualization technology to easily link customers to their perfect sizes when shopping online. Perfitly creates a fitting room experience but removes the hassle of actually trying on clothes. Customers are educated on how to create a realistic replica of themselves and then have this model try-on clothes for them. Customers are actually able to see what the clothes would look like on them before purchasing which results in happier customers and less returns.
  • Evrnu: Evrnu created a regeneration fiber technology to combat textile waste. With the use of this technology, Evrnu is able to create high quality textiles from old, used, or unsold clothing and other fabrics. The process includes gathering the unwanted materials, purifying and shredding them, customizing the material, re-spinning it, and ultimately creating new clothing. The clothes are 100% made from recycled textiles and consumes 90% less water than cotton. Above photo is from the Evrnu website
  • Dresscode: Dresscode is a company whose mission is to excite women and girls about coding and STEM through fashion. Dresscode sells high quality, fashionable bracelets that then give you access to online coding lessons in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The bracelets say motivational phrases in binary such as”I am Bold” and “I am Smart” to show women and girls that computer science does not have be such a male-dominated profession. Check out the Dresscode Coding Bracelets.

There are endless possibilities in the world of fashion and retail tech. By educating yourself on some of these companies, it can open you up to a world of possibilities. Click here to learn more about FashionTech.

At Dresscode, we value educating others about the world of fashion and retail tech, especially since we are apart of it. Visit Dresscode Tech to learn more about us and our mission.

Written by Emma Kuszynski – Dresscode Email and Blog Content Intern 6/20/2019.

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