2019 Graduation Gift Guide – STEM Gifts

It is graduation season and that means it is time for grad gifts as well! We all know that buying the perfect gift for a special girl/young woman in your life may be stressful. However, we have found some of the perfect gifts for anyone with an interest in technology or STEM. Check out Dresscode’s graduation gift guide!

A Tech Kit from Pinch ProvisionsDo you know a girl who is just getting interested in technology? Or simply want to make her life more convenient? Then a tech kit would be the perfect gift. Tech kits have all the accessories needed for the tech she owns. This one by Pinch Provisions has a tablet stand, a 2-in-1 charger, and more!

HP Sprocket PrinterSome of the best parts of college are the memories and friends that you make. What better way to document this than by a portable, easy, hand-sized printer that prints directly from your smartphone? She will be able to print photos on-demand and do with them what she pleases.

Tile TrackersTile Trackers are the perfect gift to give to a high school graduate who has a tendency to lose her keys or wallet. They are easy to use and will save her from trouble in the future. Simply attach the tracker to any item and track them using the app!

And don’t forget about… a Dresscode Bracelet!A Dresscode bracelet would make the perfect graduation present for any age, especially for high school graduates interested in STEM. The Dresscode bracelet is not only stylish and high quality, but she also gets the benefit of taking a coding class as well. It is a win-win!

Whether your graduate is just getting interested in technology or you want to spark this fire in her, these girls are relatively easy to use and will make her life more convenient. At Dresscode, we want to excite young women and girls about coding and STEM through the merging of fashion and technology. We hope that you can carry this mission to the young women in your life.

Written by Emma Kuszynski – Dresscode Email and Blog Content Intern 6/6/2019

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