Empowering Women in the Workforce

How can you do your part?

Here at Dresscode, our mission is to excite women and girls about STEM and coding. However, our mission does not stop there; we strive to empower all working women and hope to inspire fellow women to do the same. Here are some ways to empower women in the workforce:

  1. Encourage Young Women – Some of the most male dominated careers in the workforce are those in STEM and coding. Young women often fear that if they were to pursue a career in one of these fields, that they would be the only female in the classroom. Taking such a leap may be scary, but the more young women that are empowered to take this leap, the less alone these girls will be. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the demand for STEM jobs continues to rise. Women cannot be left behind in this growing field. By educating women on the career prospects and encouraging them to take the leap in order to inspire others, women will grow to both empower themselves and empower others.
  2. Continued Education – College-aged women are not the only ones that need empowerment in furthering their education. It is never too late to want to further your education in order to enhance your ability to move up in your career or change career paths. However, furthering one’s education is not limited to a single path, it can mean taking classes at your local community college, taking an online coding course, reading educational books that can help your future goals, or listening to podcasts from successful people. No matter the outlet, continued education can empower women to grow in their careers and fulfill their future goals.
  3. Empower Working Mothers – Working and raising children is far from an easy feat, but you can make a difference by empowering working mothers and setting an example for others. Bringing positivity and offering assistance to mothers who are currently breastfeeding, on their maternity leave, or are just returning to the workforce after having a child can go a longer way than you think. During an inherently stressful and life-altering time in a woman’s life, a helping hand and kindness will allow mothers to feel more comfortable during this transition. Whether you are a working mom yourself or want to help those in your workplace, you can do your part.
  4. Support Women-Run Businesses – One of the best ways to empower women is to support women-run businesses. These women are working to stand out, make a positive impact, and inspire fellow women entrepreneurs. Supporting these businesses allows them to grow and shape the view of women entrepreneurs for generations to come. For a list of women-run businesses that you can help support, visit Women Run Small Business List.

No matter your age, you have the ability to make a positive impact on the women in your workforce. To learn more about women in tech, visit The Facts, and check out Dresscode About to learn more about our mission.

Written by Emma Kuszynski – Dresscode Email and Blog Content Intern 5/22/2019

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