Tech Reaches (and Improves) High Heels + Direct-to-Consumer Quality Shoes

Old Approach With New Technology

Making custom shoes for optimal fit isn’t a new concept, but making it happen en mass because of 3D technology is. Linja Shoes are reinventing the wheel utilizing a 3D app to help customers select the best fit.  The result are shoes the brand calls ‘the most comfortable and inclusive high heel brand in the world.’ Classic lines and clean shapes are the backbone of the company and what they get right is the feminine silhouette most of us crave for dressing up. While most comfortable heels focus on stacked heels for more even weight distribution (i.e. less pain), Linja Shoes focuses on fit and construction. This is what determines how weight is distributed, even for a stiletto-style heel. The result are gorgeous shoes that utilize the best of classic cobbling to innovative means to create the staple shoe every woman needs. These handmade shoes get the right fit every time thanks to 3D tech that measures each client’s foot and zeroes in on the best of 17 sizes the brand offers shoppers. Choose from four black leather finishes that are sure to be in your arsenal for years to come or snag the label’s limited edition colors and materials that are available seasonally.


Fit Matters

Fit is the biggest hurdle for finding comfortable shoes. This is the case for everything from heeled boots to running shoes. Now you can get the best fit for your feet, regardless of any prior experience with a brand when shopping online thanks to the folks at Sols. Footwear brands and shoppers alike are excited to use this site to see how a pair of shoes will fit before the customer buys. Buying shoes online is tricky since brands vary on sizing and even within the same collection, a shoe may be wider or more constricting simply based on materials and the shoe style. Skip the hassle of the online return by checking your shoes on Sols first. Brands participating with Sols commit to their universal sizing strategy, which means a shopper can find their Sols size in a variety of footwear labels, creating the opportunity for the best fit without trying on in-store.


Handmade Shoes at a Nice Price

Like many direct-to-consumer brands, Quero has taken the hefty price tag out of high quality goods. Handmade shoes are accessible and at a very nice price thanks to the brand’s operations that have the shoes handmade in Spain and delivered to customers at $300 and under per pair. Think loafers and mules in neutral tones with the flexibility and ease to endure the run to make a flight or exploring a new city packed with museums. The custom design studio allows shoppers to customize some of the brand’s most popular styles like the Essex (women’s classic ankle boots) or the Hudson (men’s monkstraps) with a variety of leather and suede options.

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