Dresscoder Profile – Michelle

Each week Dresscode will be publishing a Dresscoder Profile. These are features of Dresscoders that inspire us.

Week of June 10, 2018


Location: Libertyville, IL

Role:  Student, University of Michigan Sophomore

I wanted to try Dresscode because I knew that coding can open up endless doors, so I wanted to try it out myself!

Dresscode was so straightforward and accessible that it alleviated my fear of programming and made me feel comfortable. By the end of the lessons, I felt like I had truly accomplished something and my completed website was a great way to show off what I had learned. Now that I’ve tried Dresscode, I’m itching to get more involved in coding and programming!

I love that Dresscode makes coding fun! Instead of watching a boring tutorial or reading from a textbook, Dresscode’s platform is engaging and made me genuinely excited to progress through each lesson. And of course, I love that Dresscode empowers women and girls to get involved in STEM, since we are so often in the minority and overlooked in this space.

Dresscode has taught me. that I have the power and the ability to do great things in the STEM, coding, and programming spaces. Dresscode has allowed me to become part of the network of women and girls who share an interest in coding, and it is empowering to know that there are so many people out there with my interests. Every time I look down at my Dresscode bracelet it is a reminder that “I am Smart,” and that is something I think every girl out there should remember.

Michelle worked as a summer growth intern for Dresscode.

Want to be a featured Dresscoder fill our this form – Note you must be a current Dresscode customer to be consider.

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