Let’s Talk About AI

Apologies to those who are AI experts, but we are going to take a more general approach look at the evolution of AI. The objective is to spark your intrigue enough to want to learn more.

Remember as we get started:

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 1.43.13 PM.png

Artificial intelligence leads to Machine Learning, then Deep Learning, and finally Artificial General Intelligence.

This post will focus on AI.

Artificial Intelligence deals with the creation of intelligent systems. Intelligent systems are those systems which posses intelligence like humans but not necessarily emotion, we will get to that.

The science of Artificial intelligence is not new. The term itself was referenced as far back as manuscripts of Ancient Greece and Egypt. As early as 1914, AI autopilots were used in commercial airlines. The oldest application of what we now know as modern AI, this technology is still used today. Updated and continuously improving, the New York Times reports the average flight of a Boeing jet involves approximately only seven minutes of human-steered flight.

When many people think about AI they think about robots. It’s much more than that, though. It’s the data driving all types of applications, such as predictive analytics, personalization and e-mail spam filters.

Some of the best use of AI right now is in marketing and adtech. It’s how companies like Facebook and Google quickly grew business. It’s how they know what content to surface up to  a person based on past search history. Companies like this, we can all hopefully agree, are contributing to the technology beyond the now and at Dresscode we are beginning to look at AI as it relates to how people learn as well product preferences as we use it to predict inventory needs.

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